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Elderly Care in Lancaster, California

Providing you with dependable and reliable services.
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Care-Rite Home Care Services, Inc. offers a variety of affordable, non-medical Home Care in Lancaster, California that assists with senior needs. Our services are overseen by experienced and well-trained caregivers who provide you with quality and convenient care within your home. We ensure to serve our clients with kindness, compassion, dignity, and independence.

Our dependable and reliable services include the following:
Our Other Services:

Customized Special Package

  • Every individual has different needs, but no need to worry. We can create a personalized plan of care just for you for a very reasonable affordable low price guaranteed!
  • Leaving for the weekend or holidays? No worries! Everyone will be happy! Weekends and or/holidays? We got you covered.

We also offer hourly and daily rates. For more information about our services, you can contact us or set up an

appointment. We are here to help.